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Friday, April 1, 2011

My album from Williamsburg

I didn't really want to put anything in my costume blog except writing about my costumes, but this time I'll make an exception. Because there's no way I could get all my photos in here.
I've uploaded all the photos from my week in W'burg to my online album: going to the Costume Accessories Symposium; visiting the Costume Accessories: Head to Toe exhibit at the Dewitt-Wallace museum; the muff making workshop; attending a private 18th c candlelight dinner at the King's Arms Tavern, and a private 18th c. musical presentation at the Raleigh Tavern. The last two I attended in costume, wearing my teal caraco but unfortunately having to wear an almost black wig since I left mine at home. My hair and wigs are more of a reddish light auburn. Oh well. The only decent photos I have of me so far were taken by Angela Burnley, so I thank you very much, Angela. This is what I was supposed to look like:

In the section with the photos from the Head to Toe exhibit at the Dewitt-Wallace, I left my sometimes blurry photos of the item's description to save me the typing.
Even though I went on private tours of costume collections at some museums, we were asked not to post photos of those online. However, I do plan on cropping bits and pieces of parts of them that I specifically liked and want to talk about, and incorporate those in my own costumes. But that's for later.
At the end of the second night of the two day conference that I attended, Janea Whitacre presented her program, All things Millinerial, with a wonderful "fashion show" that was the hit of the whole program. SO MUCH EYE CANDY! Most of the time the ladies were moving so it was hard to get photos from the stage that weren't too blurry but I think most came out. And we got to take closeups of them later. And boy, did I! To to the point of stalking one of them, a black Regency gown, that I think needs to be added to my wardrobe!
Please be so kind as to leave a comment there if you like. I'd love to know what you think, or that you enjoyed them. OR you can do it here.


  1. Wow, beautiful photos! And such inspirations!!! Thank you!!

  2. What great photos! Thanks for sharing them, Val. It's lovely reliving that week over again! :-)

  3. I love your blog! You are so talented and wonderful!

  4. You look simply fabulous! I love to colors.So stunning.

  5. Dear Val,
    Adam and I enjoyed looking at all your photos. Thanks so much for sharing them! When we were at the DeWitt, there was an exhibition of early furniture. It was so nice to see the clothing! Your photos made us feel as if we were back at Williamsburg. You looked great! (Adam said the muff you made was his favorite!)
    Many thanks again,

  6. Thank you everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed either reliving the week with me, or just seeing it. So many good memories.
    I plan on offering my own workshop on making muffs in the San Diego area soon, and will do it for any era, but I'll be they won't be as pretty as 18th c ones are.


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