This is a photo diary of my costuming "travels"; where I've learned and struggled to make historical costumes for myself. They're not always pretty, but always fun. And I want to share with others what I learn along the way. **You can find me on Facebook, or have my posts delivered to your email by signing up at the lower part of the right column.**

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HI, my name is Val. I'm a Past President & member of the San Diego Costume Guild,Costumer's Guild West in Los Angeles, and Orange County Costume Guild, & a representative of the San Diego History Center. I make my own historical costumes but don't sell any unless I get tired of it.The eras I've made so far are 1770 up to 1918. My favorite is the 1880s bustle.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My connection on Facebook

As a last minute thing, since I still have one hour before I leave for the airport and head to Williamsburg, I created a Facebook page for my blog. This may make it easier for people to comment that have trouble with Blogger's interface.
So if you're on FB and you want a quicker route to my blog, here you go. The banner is the same as the one here so it should be familar.


  1. Huzzah for you Val!!!! I hope you have a grand time with your presentation!!!

    Also, I would like to pass this award on to you!!


    1. Thank you Gina! I'll have to play with that when I get home.


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