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Friday, July 3, 2015


On my planning table to make for Costume College that starts July 30 is a hopefully simple white morning robe to wear to the “Breakfast with the Bennett’s” theme on Sunday morning. I hadn’t planned on making anything originally, mostly because I eat breakfast in my room before I even walk out the door. But I was encouraged to come and dress for it. Instead of making a full-on Regency dress, I’ve come up with a shortcut.  I have to take into consideration that a couple hours after that I’m teaching a class, “Watches & How Women Wore Them”, that I plan to wear an 1887 bustle dress with my watch in watch pocket, so it requires all the pinnings for that. And then two hours after that I’m going to the tea in something else. All in one day. All within six hours. Am I crazy?  Quick answer: yes.
And to further complicate things, I still need to finish my polka dot bustle gown for my Friday night theme, Polka Dot Parade. One month to do this, you say? Yes, crazy.
I’m going to give it a try, starting with my Regency robe. My idea is to just be able to wear my Regency  bodiced petticoat and a lacy morning cap that I can put this robe over and look presentable. I know others are making morning or day dresses but this will work for my timetable. Not sure about my sewing timetable as I am one of the many who claim the title, “World’s Slowest Sewer”. I’m also a great procrastinator. I’m REALLY good at searching for photos and writing, as you can see by this blog post. But what the heck.

Come see my fun part. Here are my ideas percolating in my brain. These are what gave me the idea and set my brain on fire. I want frilly and fluffy. And pink would be awesome! Time will tell if I’m going to GET frilly and fluffy.

Other ideas I found just by typing in a search on Pinterest. They were all identified as morning dress by various museums.

Then I came across these photos and it told me what fabric I was going to use and I already had it. I dug in my stash and have a bunch of white cotton Swiss dot voile so Step 1 is out of the way.

As much as I’d like to make a pretty new morning cap, I may make-do with one I already have and add a pretty bow to it.

All the patterns I thought I could use didn’t quite have the shape I wanted without major restyling. Then I saw this- Butterick 5544. And on sale. I’ve seen it made up and the waistline is just above the waist but not high enough, so I’m going to try and raise it. But the lines will work. I may try and do fake curved seams on the back so it looks closer to the time period.
I know I’m in the Costume College Club of Crazies working on last minute projects like this but that’s part of the fun. Just don’t try and come into my sewing room as it’s in its usual tornado ravaged mode at the moment.

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  1. You could always make it up in white and dye it pink!


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