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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Calling All Costume Guilds & Groups!

Many times I hear costumers/people say they can never find anyone or groups they can play dress-up with, or places to go in costume. I started a list of them on my pattern review group on Facebook after asking around for anyone to share them. 
Now I want to reach out to all my readers here on Blog and ask you too to share a link to your guild or group in the US or elsewhere. 
Please write out the name of the group, and then provide a link to their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE. I will be checking them first before approving its inclusion on my blog to prevent spamming. 
                                                        They will be "Chloe Approved".

These are ones I have so far:
Costumers Guild West (CGW-Los Angeles area, CA)

Historical Citizen's Association ( HCA- Los Angeles area, CA)
San Diego Costume Guild (SDCG-San Diego, CA) 

Greater Bay Area Costume Guild (GBACG-San Francisco area, CA) 

Puget Sound Historical Costumers Guild (Washington state) 

Costuming in Seattle-(SITU-Somewhere in Time, Unlimited--Seattle, WA)

PDX Time Travellers Costume Guild (Metro Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA)

Dallas Fort Worth Costumers Guild (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)

Kansas City Costume Guild (KCCG -Kansas)

Central Florida Costumer's Guild (CFCG-Florida)

Washington DC Area Costumers  (Washington, DC)

Empire State Costumers  (NY / NJ)

Gilded Age Society  (NJ / northest coast of US)

Living History Company (ST LOUIS, MO)

Costumers Anonymous of North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth ,TX)

RennFire /Fire-Friends in Recreation & Education)  (Phoenix, AZ) (under construction)
FB--The Tudor Project & More 

Oregon Regency Society  


  1. I'm looking for a costume group in London- will be keeping an eye out.

  2. This is a group I'd join if i was in London - c1851 lower class

    I'm in the NSW chapter of the Australian Costumers' Guild, & there are active groups in Brisbane & Adelaide also.

    1. Thank you Ista. There are indeed some Aussies on my pattern group.

    2. "Images of the Past" Dunedin, New Zealand

  3. Great Basin Costume Society, Reno, NV Facebook

  4. Check under Events on Page of Great Basin Costume Society on Facebook in Reno for what we may be doing next as a group. Sorry Val, posted the other message and thought this might be more helpful to those looking for a group to join. Of course you can scroll through and see past activities we have enjoyed.


I would love to hear if this was any help to you. Pretty please!