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Thursday, April 7, 2016


There’s not much to write about this. It was just a day with my friends and having afternoon tea at the Commanders Beach House B & B. It’s one of the events that are part of the Festival though.
The Beach House is along the water at the far end of Port Townsend and has a lovely expansive view of the Juan de Fuca Straits that flow into the Puget Sound as it makes its way along the coast line. The tea is held in a small living area of the house with about 12-14 people. It was the same place we went to last year but I felt like the food wasn’t as impressive as it was then. There was nothing that caused the wow factor like last year.
Egg salad sandwiches, a chicken w/ Chipotle mayonnaise sandwich (which was quite tasty), a mini tart savory, cucumber slice w/ salmon mousse (ick, old fishy taste), some fruit, a couple cookies, raspberry cheesecake, and some delicious scones. I had a black tea but we don’t know what brands she uses.
Joining me were my friends from the Pacific Northwest, Vanessa & Caleb, Rebecca & Sean, Mara, and Agnes (who has also presented historical classes at the Festival).

I had driven up to the Festival with my online friend & fellow blogger, Sue,  who was sitting at another table. We all went outside later to take photos. Some of these are from Sue, others are mine and Rebecca’s.
It was a very blustery day and we had a hard time holding on to our skirts and hats. Rebecca lost her feathers a couple times.

This was the shot we were going for.

Vanessa and Agnes joined us for a group photo. 

Agnes, Rebecca, and Mara showing off their big puffy 1890s sleeves.

And now you get to guess just what are we all pointing at? * A hint: YOU’LL NEVER GUESS!

 **EDITED TO ADD:**  I almost forgot to add my purchases from this weekend, since I like to remember where I got them. From the Wynwoods Gallery &Bead Studio in Port Townsend, I bought some antique embroidered trim on black taffeta from the owner. She used to collect antique trims.  And a delicate lace that she has in about four colors and widths; and some tiny black beads I plan on making a 52” long watch chain. These are short strands that I’ll be stringing on silk thread that I also bought from her.

From the antique mall and thrift shop in Port Angeles (nothing from Port Townsend this year), an early 1900-looking straw hat that I’ll be trimming to wear with my upcoming Marigold dress, and a silk organdy chemisette dated 1950s but I think will also work for earlier time periods.
Finally from a thrift store in Sequim, a cotton lace tablecloth that I’m cutting up to add to my Marigold dress, IF the edges can survive cutting.



  1. LOL these shots are hilarious! Beautiful outfits, well done.

  2. Really had a great time with you!

  3. Oh what fun! I am so sad that Mom and I didn't get up there this year, but looking at the pictures brings back fun memories! The food looks awesome, too bad it didn't blow up your skirt...It looks like you found some wonderful things to take home with you! Huzzah!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this little bit of time-travel. Wonderful costumes and delightful to see such merriment.


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