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Monday, January 24, 2011

Riverside Dickens Festival 2011

My gown was received very well at the Festival, and it looked nice in the fashion show too. The scene I was in was an afternoon whist party where we were seated playing cards. Funny thing was, none of us knew how to play, so we faked it.
*Photo courtesy of Jerry Abuan *

I even warned them of one lady cheating. :)

This photo was taken with my camera of me with a couple of our Guild members.

This one was also taken by Jerry of me and my friend, Cindy.

All I think I'm going to be changing on this outfit is to make some pretty sheer undersleeves, and I can call it done!
*Edited to add*- I just got this nice compliment from a friend: "Turquoise Plaid of Awesomeness +2 paired with Bonnet of Ethereal Awesomeness +2 equals Outfit of Dickens Nirvana +5! ;-)"


  1. you all look amazing
    a pitty that we have in Holland no Costume Guild
    greetings marijke

  2. You look like you stepped out of a daguerrotype! I haven't been up to the Dickens festival in probably 6 years.

    The last time I went approximately half of the women attending used the same distinct Simplicity dress pattern ( I see it again in your tableau above!). So that sort of took away from it for me at the time. Too many commercial bridal hoops used as well as on backwards, too many modern commercial sheets used as fabric...etc. And Queen Victoria's identical gown, done up on a cotton, was outshone by the women who made theirs in silk. Kind of weird to attend a tea with the queen and see her guests one up her a 'la mode.

    However, the festival is always fun, and the tableau you are all in looks amazing! I really appreciate it when people do the research and make the effort to truly depict how the clothing really was. And make a universal style original and their own, just as the women really did.

    Bravo! The sheer undersleeves will be perfect compliment to your gorgeous gown!

  3. Beautiful! I adore your ensemble!

  4. Thank you ladies. There wasn't as many beautiful gowns to take photos of this year. There normally isn't as many on Sunday anyhow since Saturday is the BIG day. But we lost a lot of people to the Jane Austen Ball.

  5. The dresses look lovely, well done.

  6. Lovely dress! Whist is actually an easy game. I needed to learn it for work (I work in recreation in a nursing home) I found an on-line site and was able to figure it out that way. It is actually quite fun!


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