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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ruffles and Petticoats introduction

Two months ago a friend of mine and I decided we wanted to start making affordable Victorian and Edwardian underpinnings and sell them. I wanted to do just petticoats, and she was going to do chemises and drawers. Someday we may add other accessories but since we're pretty busy making our own costumes, this is just a sideline for both of us.
I decided I didn't want to make plain white petticoats but have them in fancier colors and patterns. I'm just making cotton ones right now, and each one has a ruffle with a pretty trim at the bottom. I'm making them out of pastels: light blue, sage green, pink, and lavender, and have fabrics with polka dots, tiny florals, and stripes ready to be made. Many will be one of a kind depending on fabrics I find. These are all machine sewn.
My Victorian petticoat is flatter in the front, and pleated in the back to accommodate a bustle, but not the very large ones. My late Victorian and Edwardians are pleated all around for a flatter silhouette.
These are sold as finished items, not custom ordered. My petticoats are $35.00 plus shipping. Once we get a good stock of them made up, we plan to have a location where we'll just post photos of them to sell. In the meantime, here are some that are ready for sale now.
This is a closeup of the trim on one of them. The trims may vary according to the availability.

All of these have a waist measuring 36-38" but can be made smaller since the excess ruffles would remain in the back; or about 3" larger but having a gap at the placket, which obviously would be covered by a skirt.

Sage green:

Light blue:

Pink Floral: SOLD


I am selling them now. In fact I sold my first one at our last San Diego Costume Guild meeting and she's very happy with it. They come from a smoke-free house, although my cats do help in the sewing.

If you're interested in one, email me at cinnamonhrts AT yahoo dot com. I do have Paypal.


  1. How fun! Good luck, It sounds like you are off to a good start.

  2. It's a great idea, because if there's one thing I HATE sewing it's underpinnings. I find them so very, very boring and then take appalling shortcuts! I much prefer to sew the clothing with the awesome repro fabrics! I imagine there's lots of people like me out there who'd rather not deal with sewing the underpinnings, much easier to buy them!


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