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Sunday, January 30, 2011

So what's on the planning table?

My mind keeps wandering to what I want to start working on, but necessities have a priority. I need to finish the re-do of my 1770s red floral caraco. It will be another Frankencostume, starting out from one pattern, and being redone partly with another. I need it done by next Friday, to wear to a fashion show for the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) in San Diego, being put on by the Women's History Museum. I'll be wearing that as day wear, and my teal caraco, minus some of the Venetian Masquerade bling, for evening wear. I'll be dressing up my friend Cindy in my periwinkle blue 1795 open robe as another model. Somehow I have to have enough time while Cindy is modeling her outfit, to switch from my day gown to evening, and change my hair, which will just be a wig and feathers.
I started yesterday redoing the sleeves on the red floral, and making lengths of the same fabric to put a small pleated trim around the bodice and sleeves. After that, I just need to put the closures in (hook and eye tape/ I don't trust myself with pinning myself in), and it will be done. I've started another post for that, and will publish it here when the remodel is done.
It doesn't sound like much to do but I'm the world's slowest procrastinating sewer. *Case in point- am I sewing right now?*
Next on the table will be an Edwardian suit, for an April event with our costume guild, using Wingeo's #410 Traveling Suit
I have a muslin made up from that pattern already, and the fabric, a light brown suit weight wool blend and brown velvet for the collar. I bought a beautiful hat from Mela Hoyt-Hayden way back in 2003 that's been waiting for this outfit to be made for it.
While making my 1850s teal plaid gown, I also cut out and sewed a duplicate black silk taffeta bodice for my mourning interpretation, and can also be worn with white accessories. The skirt is mostly done too. I'm still gathering up ideas for trims for it. I might use it for the Bennington Memorial, San Diego, in July, and then later at Old Town.
After that, if nothing else comes up, I need to start working on my La Belle Epoque gown for the Fantasy Tea theme at Costume College in August.
This is my fabric and lace I'll be using for my 1890-1900s gown.
I'm using the movie, The Golden Bowl, as my inspiration, especially this dress.
I've found a few other ideas for the sleeves and neckline.
The planning is in my opinion, the fun part!

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