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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Costume Accessories Symposium in Williamsburg

I'm currently attending this wonderful symposium at Colonial Williamsburg, VA for the week, and have already met a lot of great ladies, including a couple I've only "talked" to online.
The first night I was here about 30 of us (fellow costumers) met for dinner at the King's Arms Tavern in the historic area dressed in our best 18th century costume. We were upstairs in a candle-lit room with all the ladies and gentlemen enjoying fabulous meals.
I wore my teal caraco, which I was so happy to be able to wear again. I had a wig mishap by leaving mine at home but fortunately found a modern wig shop while in Norfolk, and bought a curly neck length wig that I was able to do a decent replacement for the evening.
Afterwards we walked across the street to gather in the Raleigh Tavern to listen to a private 3 piece chamber ensemble, again in a candle-lit room. I loved the pianoforte music.
We were invited after that for dessert and wine at the Red Brick Inn, a beautiful and orginal bed & breakfast owned by one of our costumers. I can't recommend that place enough if you need a place to stay and feel part of everything. It's the oldest B&B in CW.
Today began the first part of our week, a tour of museum costume collections and historical homes in Richmond. We were given special access to the storage rooms and got up close to many original pieces of clothing and accessories. And we were allowed to take photos. :)
Tomorrow is a day of rest, with a meet and greet in the evening, and then the symposium starts on Monday to Tuesday. On Wednesday I'll be going on a Behind the Scenes tour of the Head to Toe exhibit at the Dewitt-Wallace Museum, and then take an 18th century muff making workshop in the afternoon.
Sorry I have no photos to share yet. I'm not able to download them from my camera while I'm here.


  1. Wasn't it wonderful! The whole evening was utterly magical, and I hope the rest of your visit in Williamsburg was equally good.

    (I was at your table at the King's Arms... wore my new pink jacket)

  2. Gwen, I'll have to check my photos for you. I'm still working on my photos to upload those, and as soon as my muff is finished (its close) I'll be posting about that workshop here.
    I had some people didn't recognize me because of the too dark wig I had to wear. Mine was left at home. :(


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